Fitness Wrap-up: May 24 – 30

Weekly fitness goal setting and wrap up of actual activity.

My current focus is climbing and trail running.

Stats: 52yo. No current injuries. Weight, 185lbs. Height, 5’11”.

Goals: Aerobic base. Core. My ideal weight would be closer to 175-180. Overall climbing fitness

Jog 2 mi. (10-11 minute SLOW pace).

Walk/Jog 5mi. Up to water tank and back. Good time with the wife and dog.

Climbing gym, 2 hours. Boulder v3-5 after quick warmup.

Walk 3 mi at lunch.

Climbing gym 1.5 hours unstructured bouldering – v4 mostly. 30 minute core class.

Walk 3 mi at lunch – brisk.

Walk/jog 5 mi – up to the water tank and down with the dog.


I clearly am not getting enough cardio and my climbing ‘training’ is too unstructured to make any meaningful gains. I find it hard to manage my enjoyment of ‘social’ climbing with real training.

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