Kenneth Bowen - Software Developer

Accomplished software architect, developer, and team leader. Experienced in microservice architecture and development, large data strategies, Cloud Native/12 factor design, web development, application integration, and enterprise system architecture. Valuable skills include complete project life­cycle planning, pattern based design, and a proven ability to discover, learn, apply, and mentor new technologies.

Superb communication and presentation abilities. Creative and resourceful in defining and implementing software project processes including: collaborative and remote development, test and behavior driven development, continuous integration, devOps practices, and agile development strategies.


Professional Experience

L3Harris Corporation Colorado Springs, CO

Enterprise Architect/Team Lead. August 2022 - Present

Lead Microservice design and implementation of Satellite launch tracking applications using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Stream, and Spring GraphQL.

First project within the larger program to adopt cloud native architecture and automatically deploy multiple time per day. Build with GitHub workflows. Deploy to Kubernetes clusters using Helm charts and Argo CD.

Introduce Syft to pipelines for automated use of SBOMs.

Continuous collaboration with platform engineering teams to improve developer experience and platform robustness.

Coaching and mentoring in idiomatic architecture, development best practices, TDD, DDD, and cloud native technologies.

Extensive customer collaboration to refine Agile processes and elicit use cases in a complex, rapidly changing domain.

Portfolio Architect/Developer. August 2020 - July 2022

Architect and develop microservices to support a distributed data mesh.

Implement cloud native pipelines using Gitlab, Tekton and Kaniko.

Automate creation of multi-platform images for x86 and IBM Z hardware via Docker buildx/Moby BuildKit for a large suite of products

Create the manual for remote, asynchronous development and collaboration and provide ongoing coaching and mentorship to many teams across the organization.

Architect/Team Lead. Developer mentor and advocate. Agile Coach. May 2016 - July 2020

Lead design and implementation of microservice architecture and infrastructure using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Netflix OSS.

Drive devOps initiative by creating automation from an entirely manual process. Introduce TDD, continuous integration, and release engineering.

Lead the business unit adoption of Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Nexus, Jira, Crucible, and Vagrant.

Create meaningful change through daily mentorship, pair programming, presentations, agile coaching, customer collaboration, and advocacy to senior management. Introduce Scrum - coach staff and management during its adoption.

Demonstrate feasibility to lift and shift microservices and backing infrastructure by deploying to Kubernetes & Enterprise Docker.

Rescue at risk contract shortly after hire and win $5 million follow on work.

VMware Colorado Springs, CO

Software Developer April 2011 – April 2016

Design and implement RESTful, distributed web application for deploying, configuring, administering, and upgrading multi-node, distributed data center operations management product. Built with Spring MVC and Python.

Co-architect configuration management and compliance functionality of vCenter Operations Manager following Enterprise Integration Patterns using Spring-Integration and RabbitMQ as a Virtual Appliance. Provide scale, availability, and performance of the vCenter Operations Management Suite across many nodes in a cluster with disparate data sources including an RDBMS, xDB, GemFire distributed caching, and VMware vCenter.

Mentor developers and drive adoption of Scrum and other best practices.

Northrop Grumman Colorado Springs, CO

Software Developer/Architect September 2008 – March 2011

Technical member of the C2BMC team developing next generation infrastructure for MDA (Missile Defense Agency). Design and implement a protocol agnostic distributed system using AMQP, HornetQ, ActiveMQ, JGroups, JMX, ZeroMQ, Netty, JBossCache, and the Spring eco-system.

Technical lead designing and implementing radar processing applications supporting space surveillance. Realized an SOA using JBoss ESB, Mule, Spring (IoC and MVC) and JEE (JMS, JPA, etc.). Integrated legacy FORTRAN applications into a modern, SOA based design. Encouraged stateless, asynchronous, share nothing architectures and implementations. Publish and consume XML messages and other formats from a web services tier using WS-Notification and RESTful protocols.

Create an agile development process based on Scrum and Feature Driven Development. Continuous Integration environment using Hudson, Ant, Subversion, and Jira.

Incept R&D project to distribute and scale astrodynamic data processing using Map-Reduce and emerging NoSQL patterns and technologies: Hadoop, Terracotta, Document Databases/Key-Value stores (MongoDB/CouchDB), and other nascent technology.

Elicit requirements and direct development of a GCCS/J plug-in for publishing alerts. Delivered to USSTRATCOM.

21 Century Systems Colorado Springs, CO

Senior Software Developer April 2008 – September 2008

Re-architect event driven decision support system. Technologies include the full JEE stack: JEE persistence, JMS, SOA. Spring IOC and MVC. MySQL.

Design and implement business and data tier of a Civil Defense emergency response application using Hibernate.

Introduce team to best practices around testing, source control, enterprise application architecture, development methodologies, and coding standards.

Barclays Colorado Springs, CO

Senior Software Developer December 2007 – April 2008

Team creation, requirements elicitation, technical design, JEE and Ruby development in support of credit card application processes.

Infor Colorado Springs, CO

Senior Software Developer June 2006 - December 2007

Senior programmer responsible for migrating e-commerce solutions from EJB2/WebSphere architecture to Spring/Hibernate/Tomcat POJO based solution while adding product enhancements.

Integrate EasyAsk search solution into suite of e Commerce products.

Design and implement web services supporting cXML punchout transactions to existing ERP application.

Mentor developers in Java/JEE, version control, unit testing, database design, and other best practices across the development project lifecycle.

Northrop Grumman Monterey CA/Colorado Springs, CO

Senior Programmer/Analyst 2002-2006

Team lead in design and implementation of web applications in support of Flight Training Management System. Technologies used: .NET, C#, JavaScript – including AJAX and DHTML.

Integrate WebTAS data fusion functionality into GCCS-I3 command and control system.

Design and implement an extensible National Imagery Transmission Format Standard (NITFS) file/URL parser in Java.

Develop web-based secure chat application, using the XMPP protocol.

Design and develop web-services for Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center’s (FNMOC) service oriented architecture. Deliver first SOAP service to FNMOC’s Technology Advancement Group (TAG) as part of a Strike Planning Folder application. Expose legacy meteorology applications as web-services.

Develop functionality for the Navy Enterprise Portal: user profile service, caching services, AOI query service.

Technical input into significant proposal efforts.

Requirements gathering and business analysis in support of various programs. Institute Use-Case document management procedures.

Author and establish best practice for version control, coding style, unit testing, bug tracking, and build techniques. Mentor developers in Agile Development methodologies and introduce time saving development tools, such as XDoclet, JUnit, and CruiseControl.

Predominant technologies used include: J2EE/Java, Hibernate, Informix/Oracle/MySQL, JavaScript, DHTML, Ant, and JUnit.

Tricoron Networks Inc Capitola, CA

Senior Programmer 2001-2002

Design and author XML RPC server in Java.

Java development to enhance features and functionality of Object-Relational code generation tool, including extensible code generation subsystem.

Implement version control and build management system for company’s core products and projects using CVS and Ant.

Port all company’s products from Windows NT to Solaris and Linux.

Author and deliver customer training in use of O-R Mapping/Code Generation API and deliver product presentations in support of marketing.

Migrate production database using in house O-R mapping product and J2EE/EJB technology.

Lutris Technologies Santa Cruz, CA

Staff Engineer, Consulting Services 2000-2001

Develop ETL to migrate production database for high volume web application.

Deliver first components to fledgling reuse project.

Develop wireless application using (at that time) nascent wireless technologies.

Technologies used daily include Linux, Java/J2EE, Oracle 9i.

Tartan Technology Capitola, CA

Technical Consultant 1998-2000

Deploy sales performance analysis data warehouse: Legacy JD Edwards ERP system, Oracle 8.1.6, e.Piphany.

Develop Servlet based application for consultant tracking.

Develop GL modules for PivotPoint data warehouse.

Develop sales-force revenue tracking application.

Author product documentation and training manuals for fortune 500 companies.

Deliver technical and end-user training.

Analysis and technical implementation in support of business intelligence/decision support projects.

Exceed target revenue each quarter.

Academic and Professional Education

Single Subject Teaching Credential, English Literature.
College of Notre Dame, Belmont CA 1995

Bachelor of Arts: English Literature/Linguistics.
San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA 1994. Additional course work in Mathematics, Meteorology, and Computer Science

Jenkins Platform User & Admin
Docker and Advanced Docker
Advanced Python Programming
Functional Programming with Scala
Advanced Javascript & Jquery
Crucial Conversations
VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, & Manage
Core Spring
The Elements of User Experience
Web-Services using SOAP
Building Applications with WebLogic
Wireless Application Development
Enhydra Fundamentals: Web application development using Enhydra
Systems Integration/Data Warehousing course using e.Piphany
SL 275 - Java Programming Language. Sun Microsystems
SQL Programming including PL/SQL
Business Objects Reporter, Explorer, Designer, WebIntelligence/Web Deployment

Professional Development