Kenneth Bowen - Software Developer

Accomplished software developer/team leader experienced in Enterprise Java Development, (Micro)Service Oriented Architecture, large data strategies, Cloud Native Design, web development, application integration, and enterprise system architecture. Valuable skills include complete project life­cycle planning, Pattern Based Design, and a proven ability to discover, learn, and apply new technologies.

Superb communication and presentation abilities. Creative and resourceful in defining and implementing software project processes including: collaborative development, test driven design, continuous integration, devOps practices, and agile development strategies.

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Technical Skills

  • (Micro)Service Oriented Infrastructures. Spring-Cloud. Netflix OSS. Spring Integration. JBoss ESB. Mule.
  • Java. Spring Framework ecosystem (IoC, MVC, Spring-Data, Spring-Boot). Enterprise APIs: EJB, Servlet, JDBC, JSP. Alternative persistence APIs: JDO, Hibernate, and iBATIS. JUnit. TestNG. Struts. Stripes. Guice.

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Professional Experience

Harris Corporation Colorado Springs, CO

Software Architect/Team Lead. Developer mentor and advocate. Agile Coach. May 2016 - Present

Lead design and implementation of microservice architecture and infrastructure using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Netflix OSS.

Drive devOps initiative by creating automation from an entirely manual process. Introduce TDD, continuous integration, and release engineering.

Lead the business unit adoption of Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Nexus, Jira, Crucible, and Vagrant.

Create meaningful change through daily mentorship, pair programming, presentations, agile coaching, customer collaboration, and advocacy to senior management. Introduce Scrum - coach staff and management during its adoption.

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Academic and Professional Education

Single Subject Teaching Credential, English Literature.
College of Notre Dame, Belmont CA

Bachelor of Arts: English Literature/Linguistics.
San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA 1994.
Additional course work in Mathematics, Meteorology, and Computer Science.

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Professional Development

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