Kenneth Bowen

Kenneth is a born and raised fifth generation San Franciscan, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where there is plentiful sunshine, awesome rock climbing, perfect snow for skiing, and no public transportation.

I work as a general purpose software developer, and can be hired to build large and small applications—particularly for the web—using a variety of technologies.

I also provide digital coaching to help you or your company create an online presence and use technology to be more productive.

I'm interested in the ways people and families interact with their community and environment (sub|urban planning), the ways organizations interact with their customers and stakeholders (social networks, having a clue), and the ways individuals interact with their projects and team members (process, methodology - specifically, the realm of software development).

I went to culinary school, college, and graduate school - Tante Marie's, San Francisco State, and College of Notre Dame. I've worked as a cook, a bike messenger (#122 Silver Bullet), a carpenter, a high school teacher, and a software developer.

I've made two human beings from scratch, and from the way they look you can tell my wife is a babe.